At Lowlander we produce many different sorts of high quality videos;

Music Videos, Short Films, Feature Films, Corporate Films, Commercials, Showreels, Wedding Films, Event Registrations, Interviews, Reportages, Webvideos,...


  1. You contact us by filling out our form, by writing us an e-mail or by simply just calling us.
  2. We meet up to discuss your project and the concept behind it and we exchange ideas.
  3. We start with pre-production. This includes scripting, storyboarding, location scouting and more. Once pre-production is finished we meet up with you again to present you our ideas for the project. If you approve we can prepare for filming!
  4. We film your project!
  5. We start with post-production. This includes editing, color grading, sound synchronization and more. We will then present to you the first version (rough cut) of the video. If you are happy with the results so far we will continue working on the video until it has become, in our eyes, the finished product.
  6. We will present to you the final version. If you are pleased with the result we will deliver the project to you either digitally or on a dvd.

(This is the basic workflow if you choose for our most common service; the Full Package.)


We offer three different main services, these are called our 'packages' and are explained here:

  • Full Package: This is our most popular service. We will produce your entire project from start to finish. This includes any pre-production work (planning, scripting, storyboarding, location scouting, etc.), professional filming and lighting (sound recording included) plus all post-production work (editing, color grading, sound synchronization).

If you require our services for either just filming or editing your project, we offer you the following two services:

  • Filming Package: We will film and light your project professionally. Any sound will be recorded aswell. Pre-productions includes scripting, storyboarding, scouting for locations and any other work that needs to be done before filing your project.
  • Editing Package: We will edit your footage into a professional looking video. The edit will be done according to your wishes. Any additional post-production work like sound synchronization and color grading is included.


Next to our main services we also offer our additional services. These can be selected additionally to one of the three packages.

  • Professional Sound Recording (Dialogues or any other audio will be recorded by a sound recordist.)
  • Makeup (Makeup artists will be present and talent will be made up professionally.)
  • Visual Effects (Any visual effects necessary will be created by Visual Effects Artists in post.)
  • Music (Unique music will be written especially for your project.)
  • Actors/Actresses (Choose between numerous actors and actresses.)

(In order to make use of our additional services you need to select at least one of our main services aswell.)

If you want us to produce your video you can fill out our form and tell us a little about your project. In the form you can indicate to us which of our services are of interest to you, what sort of video you need and more. Once we have received your filled-out form we will get in touch with you within 48 hours. You can also simply call us or write us an e-mail.

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Rent filming equipment


Better shots with better equipment

In need of a camera or lense? Want to light your project professionally with litepanels or kinoflos? Intend to give your scene some more meaning by making a dolly or crane shot? No problem! Make your reservation for top-notch filming equipment now!